About SunPro®

At Bunge we are dedicated to improving the agribusiness and food production chain from the agricultural producer’s farm to the consumers’ table.

Europe has witnessed the emerging of conscious consumer groups that make explicit demands for safe and GMO-free food from sustainable production and of European origin.

To fulfil these criteria we need protein sources that meet the above expectations – but the availability of such raw materials in Europe from local origin has been quite limited.

The SunPro® products offer an effective solution that satisfies these modern consumer expectations. The SunPro® 20 and 46 products comply with the strictest regulations; ISCC sustainability certified feed ingredients from domestic production made mechanically without chemical process.

EU production

We manufacture SunPro®-20 and SunPro®-46 products in the European Union.


Base material quantity needed for production of SunPro®-20 and SunPro®-46 products comes from sustainable source



Produced 100% mechanically without any chemical processing